Candid Wedding photographer in Delhi

I always consider assignments as a wedding photographer in Delhi among my most cherished things to do. Weddings in Delhi usually are rich in color and traditions, much more than most regions in India. While the events and ceremonies often stretch well into the night, the delicious food and the quintessential sweet, milky ‘espresso’ ensures that I stay fully charged to cover the entire wedding ! Below are some images from the long and colourful wedding of Swati and Vishal.

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Candid Wedding Photographer in Delhi

Getting ready:Bride

Pre-wedding photographer Delhi Groom Dress
Delhi candid photographer Bridal Sari

Getting ready:Bride

Wedding Photographer Delhi Groom Sherwani
Wedding photographer in Delhi Bridal Sari

Getting ready:Bride

Delhi Groom Dress
Delhi Bride
Delhi Groom Dress
Delhi Marriage Photography
Delhi Wedding venue Airport Authority of India
Delhi Bridal Sari


Airport Authority of India Club

Safdarjung Enclave,
Safdajung Airport,
Delhi – 110029 .