Wedding Photography FAQs

How much does wedding photography coverage cost?

I do not believe in offering a one-size fits for all package for weddings. Your wedding is unique and I would like to give you the best coverage, customized to your requirements. My quotes for wedding photography coverage depends on certain factors, like:

· The dates of events

· Duration of events

· Location

· Travel and accommodation costs if applicable

· Details of add-ons like albums

To get a customized quote for photography coverage of your wedding, send me the details via this link and I will get back to you at the earliest with my quotes.

How many people would cover the wedding?

Based on my experience, a good photographer is sufficient to cover most wedding schedules. However, if for some reason you think that you need more than one photographer, do let me know and I will arrange the additional photographer(s).

Do you do video coverage?

Currently, I offer video coverage in the form of a 5-10 minute “highlights of the wedding” movies. This would typically cover a narration of your story, the best moments of your wedding, amazing background music (no DDLJ, I promise).

What is the deal with pre/post wedding photography?

Traditional photography coverage typically involves shooting some cliched shots of the bride and the groom during a break in the ceremonies. However, due to the sheer number of ceremonies associated with Indian weddings, odds are that the schedule tends to slip and the last thing you would want to do is to smile uncomfortably at the camera in between the events. A contemporary alternative would be to take you to a beautiful location, have a relaxed photoshoot and create some great images that tell your love story. This can be done before the wedding or after the wedding. The advantage of the former option is that I offer a free wedding page with each pre-wedding shoot where you can share all the stuff you want to share with your friends and family in a secure way.

How many pictures will I get?

I believe in delivering quality over quantity. That means any images which don’t meet my guidelines for aesthetic and technical merit will be edited out. Typically, you can expect around 200-300 amazing images from an 8 hour wedding.

When will I get the pictures?

My commitment to you is that I will deliver the complete set of digital images in a week after the final event. In the rare case where I might have to cover multiple weddings at the same time, I will deliver the images within 2 weeks definitely. I have even provided a few images to the couple on the same night of the wedding.