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The wedding of Devina and Sumit was my second assignment as a wedding photographer in Delhi. It was also the first time I covered a Punjabi Weddding. Punabi weddings are considered to be a photographer’s delight with a lot of rich colors and amazing moments to be captured. Following are some of the images captured during the three days of my coverage as a Delhi wedding photographer.


Applying Mehndi on the arms and legs of the bride is a very common event in weddings across India. The designs can be very intricate and can take upto half a day to apply and overnight to dry. Till then, the bride often requires a helping hand, as seen below.

The mehndi ceremony takes place at the bride’s place and usually, it is held a couple of days prior to the wedding.
 Often in weddings in Delhi,the groom is made to search for his name in mehndi on the hand of the bride, which is usually smartly written so as not be readily visible.


Sangeet is typically held on the day before the actual wedding and tend to have more women and children present. The event begins with traditional folk songs and move to the more popular songs, accompanied by dancing.

Delhi Wedding Sangeet photos
Punjabi Sangeet songs
Delhi Wedding Photographer-Sangeet photos


Chooda/Chuda/Choora are the different coloured bangles (often red and white) worn by the bride on the marriage day. The bride wears the choora for 40 days from the marriage, after which her husband removes it for her.


Kalire are the umbrella shaped gold ornaments tied to the bangles of the bride. Often the bride shakes her kalire over the heads of unmarried women and if a piece falls onto any of them, it is believed that they will be the next to get married.


The haldi ceremony is an important pre-wedding ritual in which a paste made of turmeric and sandalwood is applied on the bride to cleanse her skin.


Baraat refers to the bridegroom’s wedding procession to the wedding venue. In Punjabi weddings, it is often a very large procession with bands and dancers. The bridegroom typically rides a mare during the Baraat

Wedding rituals

Punjabi wedding rituals often last all night and include certain important events like Milni, Jaimala, Kanyadaan, Phere etc.

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